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VW 1600 Engine project

Matt and I took on the project of rebuilding this 1600 cc VW engine. It was a gift from our friend Dave Kenyon. The engine came with a broken crank which we replaced, and a messed up case. Fortunately, another friend Gerry Sung, gave Matt a case that he had lying about. These pictures show some of the steps in rebuilding this engine. It was great fun and we have to thank Ed and Shane at the Bug Shop in Surrey for their help. The engine runs fine and I guess we'll try and sell it to pay for the restoration of the Notchback.

Clicklogo if you want to see and hear the engine running.

vw17 vw18 vw19
vw20 vw21 vw11
vw22 vw23 vw04
VW01 vw02 vw03



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