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911 @ the track

I love spending time on the track, at Mission or at Kent. I instruct for PCA at both the CWR events in Mission and at the PNWR events in Kent. Here are some shots from those events

Ready to Autocross at Whistler
in the paddock
paddock at PRI
tire change
Putting on A048s
tire change
looking for the right-front tire
turn 8
passed a turbo coming into 8
turn 8 exit
exiting 8 at PRI
turn 9 exit
and on to turn 9 and the striaght at PRI
Jack and Dave
Jack and I discussing...?
Carl and Dave
Carl Swan and I discussing type 3 VWs
tails at seattle
All those tails
Dave's911 at speed
Mission at speed
DE Mission
early DE day at Mission
Jack, Greg, and Dave
Dave and Jack sort it out while Greg finishes the coffee
with a student
prepping a studnet for the first run
Pat and Dave part 1
not sure what I've found but Pat is interested
Pat and Dave part 2
Pat and I planning a fast lap - looking at the track map
Pat and Dave part 3
we're sure paying attention to something
Pat and Steve - giants among lessor mortals
911 at speed
at speed at Mission
Jana and Dave
with Jana Swan at PRI
Pat's mini
I even ride in Minis
Hey - a happy instructor
Ready to head home
sunset at PRI - in B & W

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