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911 Engine rebuild

So I decided to rebuild the engine. I had attended Bruce Anderson's course so I felt I was ready to do it! The engine now has 200,000 km on it so I guess I did okay. Of course, it puffs a little smoke now so I guess those valve guides need to be redone.

01Coming out

Engine coming out

02Ready to reassmeble

Getting ready to install the crank

03crank and rods

It's in...

04Cylinders on

04Dave & Case

Where do these parts go?

05Engine with cylinders
06Cylinders in place 07Gluing together 07Heads
08Case together

09Dave sets the valves

Setting the cam timing

10Set the valve


back in the garage and ready to go into the car ...

13long block
15Going in

16it's running

Yahoo!!!!! It's running

17Stuart and me

Stu Davidson from Weissach dropped by to make sure the car didn't fall on top of me!


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