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Rear Bushing Replacement (October 2003)

I have been wanting to replace the rear bushings for some time. I had purchased Neatrix bushings many months ago but never seemed to have enough time to swap out the old set and insert the new ones. I bought a set of spring plates from my friend Mike and using Peter's sand blasting equipment, stripped them back to bare metal. I was going to have them cad coated but decided to try a paint process sold by Eastwood. The finish is great but perhaps somewhat more delicate than cad finish.

Anyhow, here is a sequence of photos that illustrates the job.

In the beginning, there was a torsion bar, cover, and spring plates.

before torsion


It was quite a struggle to get the old bushing material off, but the plates cleaned up nicely

new2 caps


Now, compare the new and the old

new new3

And now in the car..


I am about to complete this project this weekend and then do an alignment according to the gospel of Ray Scruggs. I'll update the page when I am done.


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