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After 2.5 years it's on the road again

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Notchback 14 10

The 1965 shell arrives - no pan.

Notchback 14 14 Notchback 14 01
Notchback 14 09

Notchback 05 10

A 1968 pan from Geoff

Notchback 05 17

Taking the pan home in the Omni


Conversion from auto to manual stick

Notchback 08 05 Notchback 13 11

Notchback 13 19

Pan ready to roll - where's the shell?

Notchback Doner 5

Donor notch for parts ...

Omni loaded

Brought home on the Omni

Matt and Jen

While Jen and Matt stare in disbelief.

Notchback welding.JPG

Adding an engine hanger to the shell

Notchback welding.JPG

and the front cross member


and engine sill

Notchback engine rebuild 12

rebuilt 1600 full flow engine

Notchback engine

tuning it

Notchback engine


Notchback assemby

With friends we mate the shell and the pan


wow a Notch on wheels

Notchback primer.JPG

Now primered

Notchback IMG_2355.JPG

Electric Lime Green

Notchback wheels

silver wheels


Almost like new

Notchback headliner

Gary does the headliner


looks fantastic

Notchback stereo

Matt and friend install the stereo



the first drive



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