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This section deals with the repair to the right side of the car. While this is a single page, the work will cover a number of days (weeks?). There are a number of issues here. First, the passenger-side door did not fit. It had been partially repaired but needs much more work, including replacement of the lower portion of the outer skin. It took a couple of hours to get the door to fit and we had to make shims to get it aligned properly. Even so there is more adjustment needed. The next step was to look at installing the missing section behind the door. However, after poking around I discovered much rust so that has to be cut out and a patch panel made to replace the missing section. It's partially framed at this point.

Today, I completed the patch panel repair around the passenger-side door and Dave worked on the driver-side door. It needs more work. Also, I cut out the overlap section revealing the rusty sections. I also built some templates of the profile so tomorrow I'll begin to work on making a new piece.

Today I stripped the paint from the bottom of the drivers-side door and as you can see there is some rust and evidence of a previous repair. But this is repairable. Also, you can see the first part of making the curved shape for the new panel. It's getting fairly close to the shape I need.

Missing piece of front fender replaced.

All three pieces are now tacked in place behind the passenger door. The fit and shape seem reasonable - almost factory. I need to do a bit more welding and then smoothing and then this side will be essentially complete.

I'm now working on the area beneath the torsion bar tube outer mount. It seems that an earlier repair was made by covering rusty metal with new metal - which then promptly rusted. I've cut out the rusty pieces and fabricated new pieces. Before welding them in I will spray an anti-rust compound into the cavity. These pictures follow onto the next page.

What I thought would be a relatively easy repair has turned into something much larger. There is clearly rust in the right-front wheel well but it looked minor - until I removed the undercoat and paint. It is much more extensive than I expected as you can see from the new photos added on page 2. And there are two complicating factors - poor repairs done some years ago and poor integration of the new rocker and support pan more recently. It seems that one of the hardest aspects of this project is working around or on other peoples work.

Okay, so I made a new piece and have welded it in place. I also sprayed zerorust throughout the whole channel in the hope that it will delay further rust. Finally, I spread Porpatch over the welds so that they too are sealed. The next step will be to replace the inner fender well sections that I cut out.

Pasenger side door now fits after much work

Section cut out because of heavy rust

Another view with replacement panel

View from the inside

New patch panel made and welded in place

From the outside looking in

Patch panel welded in place and painted with Zerorust

Exposed overlap section

Making the replacement pieces

Part 2

another view

ready to weld in place - maybe?

More trimming

New window frame made and then test fit with window

Bottom of passenger-side door rot

Now repaired

Test fitting door with window frame and repaired bottom of door

Top line of door and quarter window match nicely

Made my own piece because I could not get a decent gap with the other

Inner portion of door with Zerorust -next weld the new skin in place

Modifed rear mounting point

Fitting the door with the windows in place and checking the gap

Panel trimmed

Initial spot welds

Stitched in place

Panel in place

Tack welded

New pieces seem to follow the original curves - looks factory to me!

All pieces tacked in place and some welds ground off

Pretty rusty



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