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Panel preparation

These photographs show the status of the panels and front fender/cowl area. It is now clear that much work was done on this car at an earlier time. The front section appears to have come from a different car as does the roof. There has been a panel replaced on the driver-side at the rear of the fender, perhaps also on the passenger side. For some reason the whole area has been covered quite deeply with bondo so clearing it off took a lot of work and stripper. However, now that it has all been cleared the nose itself is in great shape. There are two small sections of rust just in front of the wheel, which shold be a relatively easy fix. The rer section is now clear of paint and for the most part is in good shape. Each door needs some repair work while the front and rear hoods are in great shape - no repairs needed. Yahoo! I've put photos of the transmission number as well.

Passenger-side door

Passenger-side door inner

Engine lid outer

Engine lid inner

Drivers-side door outer

Driver-side door inner

Rear-lid badges

Drivers-side cowl

Drivers-side front fender

Drivers-side headlight area

Drivers-side headlight

Passenger-side fender

Front cowl

Passenger-side fender

passenger-side fender

Completely stripped nose - looks great

Left rear showing some earlier damage

Right-rear with no damage

Transmission number

Another tranny number



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