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There were a number of stages to this component - epopxy primer, bondo, hi-build primer and then blocking, and finally spraying the primer/sealer. Before blowing on epoxy primer I first sanded the whole car in 120 grit and washed every surface. Of course, I found a few small holes needing repair but overall things look pretty good. Once it was painted I remounted the doors and began the process of using bondo to smooth out some of the uneveness in the finish. There will be much less bondo on this car when we're done than when I first got it. When the bondo stage was done the car was painted with a hi-build polyester filler. This will provide a great base for colour. And as of today, most of the blocking is done. Perhaps one more full day! The inside of the doors and the hoods are now in primer sealer. The final stage is to go over everything very carefully and fix any flaws before it gets its colour paint job. And now, in June of 2015 it is ready for paint - Casablanca White! And finally off to Fraser River Paint and Body for painting.

Cleaned and sanded rear

Cleaned trunk area

With a door in place

Doors and hood now in epoxy primer

And the whole car

Some bondo on the left side

And some on the right

Not too much on the nose

Hood handle has been deleted - no holes

In epoxy primer - next stage Hi-build

Hi-build done - rear quarter

Passenger side

Drivers side

Front hood

Rear deck lid blocked

Front lid blocked


And door

Almost done

In primer/sealer

Side shot of car in primer/sealer

Front and rear hoods

And the doors

Inside of doors and rear lid

Bumpers and front hood in the rear

Torsion bar covers - and a spare set

Finally ready to go to the paint shop

And this side too…

Another view

Loading onto the flatbed



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