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Left-side repair

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The right-side repairs have now been mostly completed. There are a few minor things that I'll do before the painting exercise. The goal is now to approach the left side. There appear to be many issues with this side. The rocker is completely full of bondo, metal lux I think. There is a section in front of the front fender that needs some work and of course the overlap of the hood and body sections behind the door. Also, there are some bad spots on the underside that will have to be tackled. So, let's get on with it.

Today I removed the whole rocker and the supporting longitudinal member and revealed that there was a section of heater tube that is missing. And the area near the rear torsion bar is kind of poor so there needs to be more fabrication there. When we fit the new longitudinal member, from restoration design, it fit perfectly. Whew. The pile of rusty bits grows - I'll have to make a special trip to the recycler.

Working on the rear torsion bar area, made templates and replacement pieces. That all looks good. But the piece that came with the car to replace the end cap of the longitudinal member is the wrong one. This one is for an earlier A coupe so we'll have to get the correct one before this can be completed.

I made a 18-guage piece to form the bottom rail to support the floor. There was lots of rust and damage there so it is now much stronger. And I painted Zero rust on the whole rocker area so that when I weld the longitudinal member in place there will be some rust prevention. Also, worked to remove the inner fender well behind the front tire. This was quite a mess. It seems that for a previous repair rather than removing the old bits they simply welded a replacement piece over top, without any rust prevention. Once this is all cut out I will weld in a new piece and make sure there is rust prevention paint in all the hidden places. More on that to follow. I used to pieces of flat iron and installed the door. The idea was to see how much work will need to be done to get the correct curves when the new front fender section is made.

Made the hot-air muffler today - thanks to Henry at Intermeccanica for the parts and the idea.

Worked on the right-front inner fender well - kind of messy.

And fit the rocker panel. The door is a mess but the new RD piece fits well.

Continued on page 2.

Firt shot of the left side, ready to be worked on.

The bondo on the rocker is incredibly thick

Maybe this will be a light-weight racer with all the bondo removed

A shot of the rocker - now somewhat cleaned off. Why all the bondo when the metal is clean and smooth?

The front side of the rear wheel well - some issues here

Oh, and a rotten heater tube

The front fender area needs some work - duh!

After cutting off the rocker and the backing piece we revealed an earlier goof - a missing section of the heater tube. No wonder the previous owner had cold feet

The new section clamped into place with the removed rusty bits on the floor

Inner and outer pieces for rear torsion bar repair

Clamped in place

Rear torsion bar area complete

This part is for an A coupe - need to order the correct one

Weld-through primer

Now with zero rust and ready for the longitudinal member


Cross section ready to install

Hot air muffler in place

Temprary fitment of door and fender and rocker bits

The longitudinal member is now welded in place

And the cap at the rear wheel well has been fitted and welded into position

I think this door needs some repair

Area behind the wheel well is full of paint, bondo and other wierd stuff

After a day, it is now clean weldable metal

The new wheel well plate is tacked in place

Cover piece welded over seam sealer and porpatch. No rust here!

With the wheel well plate in place it was time to check the sil plate attachment and the door fit.

Working to fit the Restoration Design piece to the door

Front hinge area

Fitting along the edge - not bad



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